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Micheli, Baldwin, Mortimer, McLendon & Whitacre LLP Attorneys At Law
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Micheli, Baldwin, Mortimer, McLendon & Whitacre, LLP serves buyers, sellers, investors, developers, builders, contractors, financial institutions, governmental entities and others in all aspects of real estate ownership, finance, development, management and disposition, including.

Representation In All Types Of Real Estate Litigation 

We have a deep understanding of the real estate sector and strive to provide our clients with sound legal counsel and practical solutions. Our clients look to us to “get the deal done,” and we work proactively to resolve issues and close transactions quickly.  Our work spans all property types, from raw land to complex mixed-use and shopping center developments, and has involved projects throughout Ohio.

While we handle real estate matters and transactions, our practice focuses on litigation. When needed, we are prepared to go to trial. We resolve disputes for our clients.  Overcoming challenges, that is what we do.

Our firm has extensive experience in landlord-tenant matters including the drafting of complex lease agreements.  We assist landlords in all aspects of the eviction process to ensure proper procedures are followed. 

We assist our clients with zoning, restrictions and land use planning concerns such as seeking a variance or amendment to deed restrictions. We assist clients whose goal is to have their property exempt from certain constraints contained in the restrictions, which limit the use and nature of the real property.

We can assist in every aspect of your purchase transaction, residential or commercial.

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